No Frills Fundraising

Clinton has a variety of fundraisers throughout the year that support its array of programs, from the Farmers Market and school assemblies, to teacher classroom grants, to field trip support, and more! If you have no time to lend a hand but would still like to help, you can contribute to our ‘No Frills’ fundraiser. It’s simple and only involves you and your checkbook (or Venmo account). No need to fundraise! Simple make a contribution to the PTA and you’re done for the year.

You can make a check payable to the Clinton PTA and send it in your child’s backpack with “PTA – NO FRILLS” on the envelope, or you can contribute using Venmo; send to @ClintonPTA and put “No Frills” in the comments.

Remember, 100% of the money you send via the No Frills campaign goes to the Clinton PTA, and it’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE, too!

Thank you for your support. We appreciate it, the kids appreciate it, the teachers appreciate it. Yay you!