Board of Ed Elections Tomorrow

Posted April 26th, 2011 by PTA


The Board of Education election is tomorrow (Wednesday 4/27, polls
open from 2pm – 9pm). Please remember to vote!!!

As you probably know, 5 candidates are vying for 3 spots. 2 are
incumbents – Sandra Karriem and Andrea Wren-Hardin. 3 are challengers
– Marian Cutler, Bill Gaudelli and Jim LoStuto.

Not sure who to vote for? You can…

Visit the candidates’ websites:

Watch one or more of the debates:

4/13 debate hosted by the Community Coalition on Race:

4/6 debate hosted by the Presidents’ Council and League of Women

3/17 debate hosted by the Hilton Neighborhood Association:

Read the candidate profiles on Patch:

But most of all, PLEASE VOTE!!! Participation is historically abysmal
in BOE elections, and yet the decisions the BOE makes affect every one
of our kids, as well as our property values. Let’s show our
engagement in the schools by helping to choose who will oversee them
for the next 3 years.

Important Information About Clinton

Posted April 25th, 2011 by PTA

Dear Fellow Clinton Parents,

Recently, there have been some negative comments about Clinton School. Not only were the comments incorrect and misinformed, but they were hurtful to our teachers, administrators, our students and the community at large. Of course, our deep appreciation of Clinton is founded on experience and knowledge, but others do not have the full story. In an effort to educate our community and beyond, Elizabeth Aaron and I have compiled some highlights about Clinton. We hope this encourages you to start a discussion and participate in local, state and national forums.

Did you know:

…that there were only 28 teachers in the USA invited to participate in a National Science and Technology Conference in Houston this June, and FOUR of them are Clinton teachers? We are so very proud of them!

…that Clinton school has two National Board Certified teachers and another preparing to test next month? It is a great achievement.

…Clinton is a Title 1 school, proudly serving our inherently diverse cultural and socio-economic community?

…that Clinton proudly educates the elementary English Language Learners throughout the District? Teachers help students of all ages learn English and this makes us a true international school!

…our teachers had the largest number of SOMEF grants awarded this year?

…that Clinton was the first school to have a kid/parent-made float in the Maplewood Memorial Day Parade? In addition, our International Dinner and Clinton Student Theater productions are just two of the phenomenal community building events for every member of our culturally rich community. With nearly half the student population participating in the Student Theater and three sold-out shows, it is wildly successful!

…that Clinton has an award-winning, nationally recognized PTA and we have been awarded The NJ Council for the Arts in Education Grant for eight consecutive years?

…Clinton was the first school in the district to host a Related Arts Back to School Night? This is a wonderful showcase of our Related Arts programs/teachers and a great opportunity for parents to get first-hand experience of their child’s specials.

…that Elizabeth and I spoke about Clinton School at an event hosted by the Community Coalition on Race titled “Conversations with Realtors”? The Realtors were delighted to hear about all the wonderful programs, events and exceptional characteristics about our beloved school. To view the factsheet, click here.

…that some websites rank schools based on parent reviews and aggregated test scores? Websites such as do not take into account all of Clinton’s unique programs but instead compare bottom line test scores. This attributes to inaccurate information for parents searching for a “great school” in our area. Clinton should not be a best kept secret. Spread the word about our great school!

Help spread the positive message about Clinton and everything the teachers and parents do at the school. Very importantly, please inform yourselves with the positions and platforms of the Board of Education candidates, as they should represent the goals of all students and families. Learn more about their statements on their websites and search youtube, and other sites for statements/comments and feedback. The elections are on Wednesday, April 27th from 2pm to 9pm. Please inform yourselves and vote.

Thank you,
Jung Lee Masters and Elizabeth Aaron
PTA President and Vice President

Clinton Families Unite to Help Japan

Posted April 24th, 2011 by PTA

The devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March hit home for Clinton parent, Mihori Tada Lee. Thankfully, Mihori’s family and close friends survived the tragic event but so many in Japan struggle to rebuild their lives.

Since then, Mihori and fellow Clinton parent, Enmi Baudet, have been organizing fundraising efforts to help those in need. Based on the ancient story that says whomever folds 1000 origami cranes will have a wish granted, Mihori and Emni have been busy folding paper cranes for Clinton’s wish to help the people of Japan. The cranes were sold during the Clinton Student Theater’s show “A Night at the Movies” and again at the International Dinner. Mihori and Emni have also held very successful bake sales and donation drives.

As a result of Mihori and Emni’s incredible efforts, Clinton School has raised nearly $1800!
All of the proceeds will be sent to Japan Society to help their efforts in Japan. Thank you to all those who bought cranes, baked treats, and donated money.

Here is a statement from Mihori Tada Lee:
“I am deeply touched with our community’s kindness and willingness to reach out. I’d like to thank everyone for their generosity. Still, I have one request. It has been over a month since the disaster but the hardship over there in Japan is far from over. Please allow me to ask your continued support!”

Teacher Appreciation Lunch/Trailer Needed for Float

Posted April 15th, 2011 by PTA

Two Messages Below From Clinton PTA:

On Thursday, May 5 at 2:35pm, during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6), the PTA will host our annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in the Clinton School Library. Would you be willing to help by preparing a dish, donating money for supplies, or sending in beverages? If you can bring a dish, please contact Patty O’Connell at or Janet Trzaska at and let us know what you will be bringing. All kinds of dishes are welcome, from appetizers to desserts. Monetary donations can be sent to school in care of the PTA. Please mark “for teacher luncheon.”

When you reply, please be sure to give us your email address so we can contact you about delivery instructions for that day. Also, let us know if you are free to volunteer to help set up and clean up the lunch that day (from approximately 1:00 until 4:30). Thanks in advance for your help!

We are looking for a utility trailer to pull our Memorial Day Float!
Do you have a trailer, or a close contact at a landscaping company who would be willing to lend us one? If so, please contact Jackie Lahey at or 973-313-9757. Thank you!

Garden Clean Up at Clinton

Posted April 15th, 2011 by PTA

No spring break plans? No problem!

Clinton School and its grounds maven, Jeremy Moss, need you to help brighten up, rake out, and bring the landscape around Clinton into fine shape for spring!


Saturday, April 23, 11am-4 pm. Bring your garden gloves, rakes, and green thumb to Clinton to help out. If you can stop by for even an hour, we’d love the help! See you then!

Questions? Email Jeremy Moss at

Proctoring Help Needed for After School Enrichment

Posted April 15th, 2011 by PTA

Our wildly popular After School Enrichment Program serves approximately 160 children per session. The program, which is organized and run by the Clinton PTA, can use a few extra proctoring hands for the spring session (which runs on Thursdays, from 2:35 to
3:45 pm until May 26th).

If you are free to help for one, or two, or even three Thursdays please let us know. Proctors help kindergartners through the attendance process, keep order in the gym during attendance taking, make sure all the students get to where they need to be, check in on classes to see if any assistance is needed, and make sure that every child is safely picked up by parents/guardians.

Our students love Enrichment so watching it in action is also a fun and rewarding experience.

If you are able to devote some time to help proctor, please contact Jenny Tate

Your help is greatly appreciated.