Teachers become learners

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Interested in learning about what our teachers did last Monday for Staff Development Day? Check out the article on the District’s site.

November’s Digital Backpack is posted (click image)

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Related Arts Back to School Night Was a Big Success!

Posted October 29th, 2009 by PTA

On Wednesday evening, October 28th, close to 100 parents visited Clinton School to learn about and participate in art, music, physical education, world language, and library instruction.

As groups rotated through the schedule, parents got a taste of what our children experience on a daily basis in their specials at Clinton. We played several unique and creative games with our fabulous physical education teachers, Mr. Lehman and Ms. Freede. We created interesting pieces of art with the talented Ms. Tischio, we sang and learned about rhythm patterns with the amazing Ms. Martin, we spent time hearing about our children’s weekly library visits from our great librarian and media specialist, Mrs. Edelberg, and we took a fun, lively, game-filled Spanish class with the creative Se√±ora Seltzer.

Everyone in attendance found the evening insightful and fun. Bob Hugel, who has a second and fifth-grader at Clinton commented, “A terrific night. I was struck by two things: how innovative the teachers who teach the specials are and how much they enjoy working with the students. The Clinton School community is very fortunate to have such dedicated teachers.” Barbara Cokorinos, parent of a fourth grader said, “This was a highly effective (and fun!) way to learn about the very important art, music, physical education, Spanish and library curriculum that our kids experience each week. The teachers were amazing ‚Äì they filled each classroom with energy and creative learning.”

The hands-on activities allowed parents to experience these classes through the eyes of a student and while participating, it soon became clear that our children are consistently being stimulated, challenged, and encouraged in extremely creative, positive, and fun ways!

Many thanks to Ms. O’Neill and Ms. Bodnar for putting this night together and for hosting our first Related Arts Back to School Night! And a big thank you to Mr. Lehman, Ms. Freede, Mrs. Edelberg, Ms. Tischio, Ms. Martin, and Se√±ora Seltzer for their skill, dedication, and creativity and for giving us an opportunity to experience school the way our children do every day.

Sailing the high seas

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Not to worry! Mr. Stewart is vacationing in the sunny Caribbean for a couple of weeks. He’ll be back directing traffic and us soon.

Superintendent of Schools to hold Town Meeting

Posted October 27th, 2009 by PTA

The Parenting Center and The Elementary School PTAs

Brian Osborne, Superintendent of Schools

In a Town Hall Meeting

Mr. Osborne will discuss his vision for South Orange and Maplewood elementary schools. He will then answer any questions you may have in a Town Hall Meeting format.

Wed., November 11, 2009 ~ 7:30 PM
@ Marshall School
262 Grove Road, So. Orange

Admission: Free

H1N1 Immunization Info from Maplewood Health Department

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10/27 update: NEW – 10/27/09 РRobert Roe, Maplewood Health Officer, has announced that as of Tuesday, October 27, the November 1 vaccination clinic described below is full and no more registrations will be accepted.

Notice of new clinic dates will be announced.

Contact the Maplewood Health Department for more information.

The South Orange Maplewood School District Communications Office asked us to share this information regarding H1N1 immunization from the Maplewood Health Department:

Notice of Health Dept. H1N1 Nasal Spray Only Clinic

The Maplewood Health Department will conduct a special H1N1 vaccination clinic, people aged 2 to 24 years only, on Sunday November 1st from 1:00pm until 4:00pm at the Maplewood Town Hall. PRE- REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Click here for full details.