Note from Principal Patty O’Neill

Posted August 25th, 2007 by PTA

Dear Clinton School families,

I wish to thank all those who attended our indoor picnic on August
20th. It was such a pleasure meeting everyone, especially all my
students. Thanks for your warm welcomes and offers to help. Fear not!
You will be called upon! Thank you, Leah, for all your efforts to help
get our school open and for organizing the picnic. Thank you, Jeremy,
for the music and landscaping. I feel so fortunate to be working with
such talented people.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce a few changes. Due to
the small class sizes of the ’07-’08 third grade class, I was asked to
meet with Brian Osborne, and it was decided that instead of four third
grade classes there will now be three. Mrs. Khan will move from third
grade to fourth grade in place of Mrs. Secor who is on maternity
leave. Mrs. Pomares will continue teaching third grade-all subjects-
and remain in the portable. Mrs. Banks and Ms. Kent will team teach
the other third grade classes. I am confident these changes will not
disrupt the wonderful learning that takes place here.

I am also very excited to have Erin Witting join our staff as one of
our first grade teachers. Ms. Witting is replacing Mrs. Harth who is
on maternity leave. I am equally as excited to have Paula Ortiz join
our staff as one of our resource room teachers. Ms. Ortiz is replacing
Mrs. LaVolpe who is now working on the Child Study Team.

Looking forward to a peacefully productive year,
Patty O’Neill

Pre-Ordered School Supply Kits Will Be Available on 9/5

Posted August 22nd, 2007 by PTA

If you ordered a school supply kit last year, you can pick it up on the day before school starts (Wednesday, September 5th) from 4 pm – 7pm.

If you can’t make it that day, the kit will be delivered to your child’s classroom on the first day of school.

We will also be having a close-out sale on some school supplies left from last year that day, and we will
be selling Clinton School t-shirts and magnets.

The school store will not be open on the first day of school, although we will be selling Clinton School t-shirts and magnets at our morning coffee (after drop-off at 8:30 am).